We all love fish don't we?
But scientists tell us that two portions of fish each week help to protect us against two of the biggest killers; heart disease and various cancers.
It is understandable that the demand for fish remains strong.
The problem is that two of our most popular species, Cod and Haddock, are fast disappearing from our oceans.

Sustainable Fish Policy

At Bells we therefore support a sustainable fish programme.
Our fish are supplied daily from 'Field's' of Esh Winning, suppliers of wholesale fish since 1918.
Together, Bells and Fields support the 'Responsible Fishing Scheme', trading only in fish that have had time to grow and breed.
We only use fish that have been sourced from the cold ocean waters of the north Atlantic, the Barents Sea and the Arctic.
All of our fish come from zoned areas and are packaged to display the identity of the approved ocean zone.

Watch out too for our delicious locally sourced alternatives to Cod and Haddock!