Family Business

‘Bells Fish and Chips’ is a family run business led by qualified Chef Graham Kennedy. Bells started life as a small fish shop in Marshall Terrace, Gilesgate. Under the leadership and guidance of Graham it has grown to its current five outlet status, offering both sit in and takeaway services.

As Graham says...

At Bells we never use either the 'T word' (Traditional) or the 'Q word' (Quality). Our fundamental mantra is that these things are given. Of course, fried fish and chips is a traditional British meal and of course top quality should be expected.

At Bells we try to offer a first-class dining experience within each of our restaurants. We have invested a lot in each of our outlets. Our aim is to offer an enjoyable dining experience for all ages in lovely surroundings. Every one of our premises has a five-star hygiene rating and that is the way we want it to stay.